Volunteers are the life force within the Adaptive Sports program. Our volunteers are obviously giving of their time and they give much more than that! Their passion for the ideal of helping participants "Explore Possibilities" and their compassion with the students is compelling. It is truly magical when these students overcome their fears, push their limits and experience success. For the volunteers, it is personally meaningful to assist in what is frequently a life changing experience for both student and teacher.

Please join our volunteer family and experience this passion for yourself.

For more information on getting involved please see the volunteer section in either winter or summer sports.

Just a few quotes from active ASA volunteers:

- I teach my students to ski and they teach me about life.

- I am a better person for each individual that I've worked with…I am stronger for witnessing the strength each person possesses. I am more caring for the love they emit, and I am more sensitive for the hardships that they have endured. I am amazed. Now, I have a better understanding. I understand that I muddle through my trivial life, forgetting what is important. Forgetting to see the people around me for the blessings they are-forgetting to just get to the heart of every matter. It is these students whose love and innocence have reminded me not to judge, them nor anyone else. People with disabilities do not deserve pity, they deserve understanding! I wish I could give these students as much as I have received. Each day, I leave there so much fuller in heart and spirit than hours before I arrived. Each day, I am given the gift of love and life.

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