Timothy Kroes - Executive Director

E-mail: tim@asadurango.com

Timothy Kroes - Executive DirectorTim Kroes has been our Executive Director for twelve years. Before taking over at the helm of the organization, Tim served as the Ski School Director for two seasons and as a PSIA Certified ASA Volunteer prior to that. His long history at ASA illustrates his passion for the organization that he oversees. In his spare time he enjoys skiing with his family, traveling, sleeping and extreme hula-hooping.

Ann Marie Meighan - Program Director

E-mail: annmarie@asadurango.com

Ann Marie came to ASA as an intern in the fall of 2006 after working with at a summer camp for people with disabilities. She has worked at ASA as a volunteer, an intern, a staff instructor and as the program director. She is a commercial raft guide in both Colorado and Utah, a swift water rescue technician, has her wilderness first responder certification and is a Leave No Trace Trainer. When she is not at work she can be found making snow angels, playing in the mountains, chasing her dogs or tubing the river.

Iris Gardner-- Assistant Program Director

E-mail: program@asadurango.com

Iris joined the full time, ASA team during the summer of 2011. She has worked with ASA as a winter program volunteer, a raft guide and as our summer field coordinator. She is a commercial raft guide in both Colorado and Utah, a swiftwater rescue technician and has her wilderness first responder certification. In her spare time she enjoys extreme belly flopping and paddling the rivers.

Lee Hagar - Office Manager

E-mail: lee@asadurango.com

Lee Hagar - Office ManagerLee Hagar began her duties as Office Manager for ASA in March, 2008. Her work experience includes a variety of positions where she managed purchasing, scheduling, bookkeeping and catering projects. She is an avid skier and snowshoer and during the warm months can be found rafting and kayaking

Judy Abercrombie - Bookkeeper

E-mail: info@asadurango.com

Judy Abercrombie - BookkeeperJudy took on the bookkeeping at ASA in December, 2007. She does bookkeeping for many small clients and individuals, as well as several other non-profits in town. While not a skier, she volunteers for our DSSC event, handling all the financials and helping with registration. When not working, Judy enjoys hiking, camping and traveling.

Karen Esser - Event Coordinator

E-mail: events@asadurango.com

Karen joined ASA to get passes for skiing like everyone else--that was 14 years ago. Her skiing ended years ago with a torn ACL. Now she volunteers just because she loves seeing all types of people out enjoying the natural beauty that we see all around us. She has helped on the Dave Spencer Ski Classic for most of the years that it has been around. In 2008, she was asked to be the Event Coordinator. As it seemed like a good fit, she was hooked! She does a great job talking to the businesses and people around town to gather support for our events. She says ASA is loved in Durango! Karen also manages the Edgemont Picnic Grounds and offers her services as a Personal Chef.

Board of Directors for Adaptive Sports Association

President: Paula Mills

Vice President: Jay Eagen

Secretary:  Dave Dowrick

Treasurer: Dick Griffith

Winter Volunteer Rep.:  Dave Dowrick

David Hardy

Miles Lillard

Trina Martin

Emil Wanatka

Keith Wells

Lars Enggren


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